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Suihua City, Heilongjiang Province, China

Social responsibility

Public Welfare
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Help others and help oneself by public welfare


Saimei devotes herself to various social public welfare undertakings and actively participates in the precise poverty alleviation work with her own advantages. It not only provides program support, technical support and financial support, but also helps farmers learn and grow, teaches knowledge and experience, high-yielding technology to them, solves substantive problems, fundamentally helps them get rid of poverty and become rich, and promotes the prosperity and development of the local economy.


Roses given ,a fragnance in your hand


By helping farmers get rich, Saimei has established a positive relationship with the local people, and indirectly turned the waste land into treasure. The quality of the agricultural products grown is getting better and better, realizing the sustainable development of human beings. The result also contributes to the development of Saimei business and makes Saimei  better.