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Organic Planting
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Organic Planting and Environmental Protection 


Saimei, which has been focusing on organic cultivation for 30 years, is committed to providing organic health products to the world's consumers, and has always focused on making meaningful changes to the environment and social sustainability. For Saimei, health, safety and sustainability are the top priorities, so we are very persistent in every detail. From seeds, finished products to planting environment, Saimei has established a unique and comprehensive sustainable practice system. We should not only meet the requirements of industry standards, but also strive to become the industry's leading benchmark.


Saimei knows that human health comes from healthy food, and healthy food must come from healthy land and all-natural planting methods. In order to ensure that the crops produced are "pure, natural, safe and of excellent quality", Saimei has established a traceability system from seeds to finished products, and has made every step better. We can be proud to say that all Saimei products can be traceable. Saimei knows that only when ecological and economic development enters a virtuous circle can we truly achieve sustainable development.

Choose the seed carefully, and make the quality started  from the source


We plant millions of seeds every year, and before sowing, we test the seeds strictly. We will test the natural properties, purity and germination rate of the seeds to ensure that the seeds are full, nutritious and not susceptible to contamination.

Fertile black soil farms are the ideal growing soil for crops.




Healthy and nutritious crops must come from healthy and nutritious land. Saimei has searched all over the country for more than 10 indicators and scientific analysis and evaluation, and finally rooted in Qinggang County, Heilongjiang Province, the hinterland of Songnen Plain, one of the world's three rare black soil belts. The recognized "golden planting belt" contains about 10 times as much organic matter as loess, and is rich in mineral elements and trace elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

No chemical fertilizer, no pesticide, abide by the principle of sustainable farming


Saimei pays special attention to the planting process and do not neglect any time or any kind of nutrition.Through continuous summary, by using the method of staggered season planting and wide ridge, using the pure water,  fertile black soil nutrients, no fertilizers and no pesticides, Saimei has set up a natural and sustainable farming principles and quality control systems, to ensure the healthy growth of the planted crops.

Accurate harvesting ensures that crops retain the complete content of nutrients


From sowing to harvesting, we are monitoring crop condition every moment. From crop to ripening stage, Saimei's agricultural researchers will find the best harvesting time through testing, and then require harvesters to harvest strictly within the specified harvesting time to ensure that the best nutrition in the planted crops, guaranteeing the quality of the crops.