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Organic certification
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 From planting to processing, we has passed organic certification in China, EU, USA, etc


Our products, from planting to processing, are strictly implemented in accordance with international organic standards, which is why Saimei products always maintain high quality. We track the quality level of the product at each stage and keep records every time. we strictly control every details in the processing, including understanding and mastering the personnel, time, place and all the operation procedures involved. In fact , our products from growing to processing have also passed through the organic certification by China,EU AND USA.




From planting ,harvesting to processing ,production and packages ,all implement in accordance with the international quality management system of  FDA IN USA AND HACCP.


When it comes to the issue of consumer’s health, Saimei never relys on others. From planting, harvesting, transportation, storage, processing, production and package, Saimei implements every detail strictly in accordance with the international quality management system and also passed  several certifications of quality system and management system of FDA IN USA, Kosher, HACCP, BRC, ISO9001.