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We offer professional, convenient and efficient custom packaging services to customize the packaging specifications you need for your purchase, including standardized packaging services and personalized packaging services to meet your transportation safety or brand needs.

1. Standardized packaging services: Saimei offers regular standard packaging to meet your general shipping needs;

2. Customized packaging service: The packing can be customized according to your special needs, special size or special packaging materials.

Service area:

China and overseas countries.

More Product Packaging Service Channels

1 Packaging Technical Consultancy Service: Saimei knows that the quality of product packaging is very important to the safety of product transportation. We have professional technicians to evaluate, optimize and guide your packaging scheme to prevent product damage.


2 Packaging design service: Saimei has a professional packaging team and has a rich experience in packaging. Through the research and application of new materials and technologies, it can provide professional design services according to your needs and reduce your packaging costs.


Green packaging service strategy:

Since the company's establishment, Saimei has rooted in the concept of green packaging, following the principle of moderate packaging, and effectively saving transportation space and cost through packaging design.


Moderate packaging is an optimal packaging solution, that is, under the premise of meeting the specific transportation packaging performance requirements, the product packaging protection is achieved with the smallest packaging volume, the least packaging materials, and the most convenient storage and transportation methods, so as to prevent insufficient packaging and  excessive packaging to avoid unnecessary waste.


In order to save materials and improve efficiency, Saimei's packaging technology experts set up an innovative incentive mechanism in the product packaging center to encourage the sharing of creativity and seek better solutions. Since 1990, product packaging improvements have reduced the use of thousands of tons of packaging materials.


We uphold the concept of green environmental protection and promote the sustainable development of the environment, Saimei strictly checks every process of product packaging and carries out every inspection work to ensure that the products will not to be damaged in the process of transportation and trading. We also advocates that customers reuse packaging materials and support environmental protection from every action.