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Food safety and quality assurance
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Since the company's establishment, Saimei has continuously maintained and improved its food safety and quality assurance control system in order to meet or even exceed customer expectations, as well as to apply all scope and regulatory standards.


Control Quality from Source


Saimei upholds the concept of "natural, non-additive" organic health, and its planting base is rooted in the hinterland of Songnen Plain, which is recognized as "golden planting belt" in the world and one of the three major cold black soils in the world. From seed to finished product, We implemented according to the international strict organic certification system, establishes traceability standards, and has passed the highest international EU certification and American certification to ensure that the agricultural products produced are “pure, natural, safe and of excellent quality” to  provide high quality, security product protection for customers.


Strict Food Safety and Quality Assurance System

Saimei adheres to the food safety system and quality guarantee system strictly to ensure the safety of all the processes and operations,including the traceability , allergen control,scientific process verification ,prevention and control and the training for the production staff etc, even takes quality control of all the materials purchased and contracted and the products and finished materials used and produced in our production center.

Certification of Saimei

The world's leading independent laboratory

Saimei has established a high standard independent laboratory with advanced and perfect testing equipment, excellent testing means, which can independently develop and carry out the whole project testing, with a strong testing system and research and development strength, is one of the professional organic product research and development bases in China.

International Leading Internal Control Standards


Saimei has 100,000 square meters of production center, equipped with the world's top automated production lines and synchronized quality testing system., Saimei is strictly implemented in accordance with the international quality management system, from raw materials, processing to packaging. Saimei has been certified by FDA, Kosher, HACCP, BRC, ISO9001 and other quality systems and management systems in the United States.



Strong technical advantages

Saimei has three professional R&D teams consisting of technicians with professional backgrounds in nutrition and technical regulations research.It also cooperates with China Pharmaceutical University, China Agricultural University, Harbin Commercial University and Northeast Agricultural University. It has many independent research technologies and patents, which provide a strong guarantee for the quality of Saimei's products.

Advanced Product Flow Tracking System

Saimei adopts the international advanced product flow tracking system, from seeds to finished products, from warehousing to delivery, and then to the hands of customers, implementing the whole process tracking. It establishes a standardized and orderly "transparent channel" management system to fully protect the rights and interests of customers.


The following five certificates are Kosher Certification, HACCP, BRC, ISO 9001, IBD Certification