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Research and development services
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The research and development center has the world's advanced independent laboratories with advanced and perfect testing equipment, excellent testing means, which can independently develop and carry out the whole project testing, and the test results are scientific, fair and accurate.The laboratory has powerful testing system and R&D strength,  which can accept internal and external commissioned testing. It is one of the professional organic product research and development bases in China.

Together with China pharmaceutical university, China agricultural university, Harbin university of commerce and northeast agricultural university, the research and development center has obtained a number of independent scientific research technology and patent achievements, among which, it is in a leading position in the field of sunflower tray extraction technology. In addition, the research and development center provides legal support for Saimei's business operation and development through policy and regulation research, which is an important guarantee for Saimei's product research and development.


Our research and development services

Saimei research and development team can choose the best ingredients for you according to your specific requirements, develop products with the best ingredient ratio, and provide the best individual product solutions for customes. In addition, research and developmen team can provide evaluation, optimization and technical support for your product solutions, based on rich professional knowledge and practical experience.

We help you choose the best ingredients.

Different product requirements are based on different components of various factors, including taste, processing conditions and shelf life requirements. Saimei research and development team can help you choose the best ingredients and mixtures.



 We help you find custom ingredients

Our r & d team can help you find the raw materials you need, combine with our professional processing ability, help you develop the target products you need, and provide advanced technological guarantee for your products.

We develop product formulations according to your needs

Centering on your needs, Saimei research and development team achieves the product quality of your specific performance needs by developing the best product formulation and using the best quality raw materials.

Our technical services

Saimei’s research and development team can provide you with related technical services such as organic products, functional food research and development.

Our Quality Control

Saimei has passed many quality systems and management certifications such as FDA, Kosher, ISO 9001 and other European and American standards. From raw materials to finished products, Saimei guarantees traceability and ensures "green, safe and excellent quality" of products.

The research and development center of Saimei has three professional R&D teams consisting of technical personnel with professional backgrounds of food science, food technology, nutrition, technical regulations and so on. It is mainly responsible for providing professional support for organic product R&D, testing and registration.