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Social responsibility

Sustainable development
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Saimei has been focusing on organic business for 30 years, and is committed to providing organic green products, so as to make the life of consumers all over the world healthier and better. Saimei is well aware of the importance of harmonious coexistence between human beings and the ecological environment for the development of society and enterprises. For 30 years, Saimei has based on its own development, practiced the concept of circular development, and invest in promoting the healthy growth and sustainable development of human beings and the environment.


"Hope that our efforts can make the lives of future generations different" is the driving force of Saimei's progress. Whether it is Saimei's products, services, public welfare poverty alleviation, or the efforts for the healthy development of the environment, all originate from this unchanged original intention.


Targeted poverty alleviation, sustainable development to achieve the effect of a virtuous cycle


Saimei's help model has become a model benchmark for enterprises to get rid of poverty accurately. Through the implementation of "Three Precisions": precise selection of poverty alleviation areas, precise identification of poverty alleviation targets and precise implementation of poverty alleviation measures, Saimei contributed to the coordinated development of local poverty-stricken areas in the areas of industry, ecology and urban-rural integration. In the way of realizing industrialization and market-oriented precise poverty alleviation, Saimei established a hematopoietic, reproducible and sustainable precise poverty alleviation model and opened a new era of precision. The new situation of quasi-poverty alleviation also provides a useful reference for the government to alleviate poverty.


Saimei adopts the benefit-sharing mechanism of "company+base+farmer" to alleviate poverty, takes farmer planting cooperatives as intermediary organizations, realizes docking with base farmers, establishes a relatively perfect benefit-linking mechanism between enterprises and farmers, drives and provides field management techniques in insect control, disease control and weed control to the planting base, and introduces advanced integrated agricultural development model to the project area. Extend the base of industrial chain, promote the structural adjustment of planting industry, vigorously implement the technology of "three subtractions" in agriculture, standardize planting according to the organic standards of EU and USA, build planting bases with high standards, vigorously promote the improvement of local economic crop planting technology level, make the planting scale gradually reasonable, and make it towards the direction of high-tech, green, organic and environmental protection.

Promoting the Cooperative Way of Poverty Alleviation to Maximize the Benefit

of Poverty Alleviation


Beginning in 2017, Saimei has established cooperation with local governments, cooperatives and farmers by means of "bringing capital into cooperatives, cooperation between social enterprises and enterprises" and "enterprise-lending and enterprise-using", so as to further reduce the planting risks and production costs of farmers, effectively alleviate their worries about shortage of funds, and  help to make the local poverty alleviation faster,more steady and more solid.


For the particularly poverty-stricken area,, Saimei uses the "order" planting method to implement the "whole village promotion" distribution mechanism. It not only helps poor farmers establish planting bases and provide free seeds, but also purchases at a price 11% higher than that of other farmer’s. It really helps poor households get rid of poverty and increase their income. By the end of 2018, there were nearly 30 agricultural cooperatives. Cooperated with Saimei,which promoted more than 1600 farmers, supported nearly 10,000 poor families and raised more than RMB 20 million poverty alleviation funds.


Take responsibility and move forward


Don’t forget the true heart of the beginning, keep going. In the future, Saimei will continue to devote herself to poverty alleviation, and gradually form a long-term mechanism for practicing circular development. Saimei's determination and efforts to promote sustainable development will be interpreted by concrete actions. Saimei will further promote the precise poverty alleviation work, shoulder the responsibility of society, and benefit the country and people.